Who We Are


dave web

I started this business 23 years ago in 1989, in the basement laundry room of my home in Toronto.

My wife decided she didn’t want worms there any more and so to keep her happy, I moved my barrel outside to the back yard. “Happy wife, happy life”, as they say. Well that night it rained and rained, so much in fact that my entire worm community drowned. It was a disaster!

Since those early days much has happened. Bev, my wife and I have raised two beautiful kids, Christopher & Emily. Christopher is studying Fire Prevention at Seneca College in Toronto. Emily, has mastered French, graduated from Guelph University, sings like a bird and is currently traveling the rainforests of the world.

Both Bev and I are retired teachers and in tune with life, nature, and our surroundings. We understand and believe that all of humanity depends for survival, on the natural environment in which we live. It gives us beauty, food, clean water,  fresh air and rejuvenated soil. We strive to do whatever we can to preserve our surroundings, our community, our world.


So to meet this goal we decided:

1. To start and grow a business from “the ground up”. The true entrepreneurial quest that rugged individualism and governments encourage.
2. To create environmentally friendly products for sale.To help reduce waste going to local landfill sites
3. To educate others to the benefits of worm composting.To have fun working with employees who don’t talk back and customers who do!

Thousands of silent partners. Their “business” is our busine$$.

-David Horton