Worms, 1lb

Worms, 1lb – approximately 1000 Red Wigglers (eisenia fetida)

$40/lb pick-up price. Tax included.

$67/lb delivery price. Tax included.

  For delivery rates outside Ontario, please contact us via phone at 705.731.9750 or via email

(verminational@gmail.com) . Allow 3-4 days for preparation and delivery  of your order.  If ordering a “Worm Digs ™ bin also, it is advised that you order that first, so that it is set up and ready before the worms arrive.

Product Description

Red Wigglers  have been described as the Cadillac of composting worms. They are easy to keep, eat about half their body weight in organic waste each day, produce useful worm castings ( brown gold)  and worm tea (liquid fertilizer) which can be used to feed your house and garden plants.  In ideal conditions they will double in number about every three months.  These are the worms that can dramatically reduce the amount of organic waste that now pollutes the air by releasing methane gas from landfill sites. Worms are shipped via Canada Post with about 1 lb, of their bedding to keep them happy. They are mailed Mondays or Tuesdays only, to avoid long stays at the post office or in the mail truck. In very hot or cold conditions  we do not ship live worms. At more temperate times we do our best to safely mail your worms to your destination in secure containers.  Pick-up orders sell for  just $40/lb. (aprox. 1000 worms,tax free) Contact us  to arrange for times, quantities and locations.

# P O W – the  Power  Of  Worms



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