Worm Rum – ComPOOst in liquid form.

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This product, like any worm tea, has a very short shelf life and will soon lose its’ effectiveness if kept on a store shelf for any period of time. Therefore our WORM RUM (TM), is not available for mail delivery but must be pre-ordered and picked up at our store outlet (Kawartha Country Wines) . We’re located just 4 km north of the lights in BUCKHORN at 2275 County Road 36. Simply call ahead to 705-731-9750 to place your order.  Our Worm Rum (TM) is conveniently packaged in 750 ml. wine bottles and when diluted with regular non chlorinated water (10:1), is designed to be poured or sprayed on and around your plants. It makes an excellent liquid fertilizer and when mixed with the proper quantity of water provides you with 750×11=8 1/4 litres of natural product .Return your empty bottle for a refill and get your $.25 discount.

Product Description

Worm Rum (more commonly called Worm Tea) is not manufactured until an order is placed to ensure its freshness and benefits.  It is only available for pick-up at our store (Kawartha Country Wines) – 2275 County CR36, Buckhorn,ON), once you have phoned ahead to place the order. It is a natural liquid fertilizer made from oxygenated waters of the Miskwazibi River, worm castings and other ingredients to promote a supercharged micro-organism population. This potent combination produces an amber rum like liquid, which when diluted can be sprayed on the leaves and stems of house and garden plants. There, it works to discourage harmful pests and micro organisms. It also is a “GREEN”, chemical free soil supplement, fighting pathogens and invigorating your plants. Plants love it, but be warned: it is not fit for human consumption and contains no alcohol.

   # P O W – the  Power  OWorms

Additional Information

Weight Each bottle contains 375 ml. Individual bottles are available for pick- up @ $2.30 each including tax. Phone 705.731.9750 or email verminational@gmail to arrange time, location and number required. Each bottle weighs .6 kg


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