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Neoteric Earth Soil, 15 L bags.


Pure, natural worm castings. Only available for pick-up. Our 16L. bag if mixed with 160L. of regular garden soil will provide you with 176L. of fantastic, spreadable soil enhanced fertilizer   ( or 705.731.9750) Pick up price at the store is only $19.95, taxes in.

Product Description

Neoteric Earth is new soil. It has never been dirt before! It is a natural product made from living organisms and materials having passed through the digestive systems of the Red Wiggler Worms (eisenia fetida). NE is rich in slow release Nitrogen, Phophate and Potassium (NPK).  This is how nature intended a fertilizer to perform. Add a small amount to your flower and vegetable plants and watch them flourish!  To be most beneficial, mix it with garden soil at a ratio of 1:4 /1:10. This means that a 15 litre bag is equivalent to as much as 165 litres of spreadable product. In addition to it being used on flowers and vegetables, worm comPOOst is the perfect fertilizer for the production of Medical Marijuana. Think about this. currently in Canada there are 59,000 registered users of cannabis  for medical reasons, reduction of pain etc. By 2024, it is predicted that the users of this product will number 450,000 and become a $1.3 billion business. Most recently the laws in Canada have changed.(visit

Starting April 1, 2014, the only legal source for obtaining medical marijuana in Canada will be through producers approved by Health Canada. Since the ministry made this announcement in June, 171 parties have already applied to become licensed producers. Of these applications, 40 are from individuals and 131 are from corporations. Worm castings are  best suited for fertilizing medical marijuana without question. Vermi National’s Neoteric Earth is all natural, unlike chemical based manufactured products. Its nutrients are slow released, allowing the plant to absorb NPK’s when the plant can use them, avoiding soil contamination and ground water pollution as can happen with industrial chemical fertilizers. I know that if I ever need the benefits of MM, my choice will be to smoke product grown naturally and not in the chemicals that caused my illness in the first place!  Let’s face it. If you want “Good S**t, you need to start with Good S**t! 

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Individual bags of our Neoteric Earth are available for the pick-up price of just $19.95 (15 L).  Bags can be picked up at Kawartha Country Wines in Buckhorn    CONTACT US for pickup times or delivery via phone at 705.731.9750 or email at

  # P O W – the  Power  O Worms

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    This is great stuff. My flowers never looked better

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