European Night Crawlers-$50/1000 + $25 shipped anywhere in Ontario (Temporarily out of stock)

Product Description

The European Night Crawler are also known as the Belgian Worm, Super Red, Carolina Crawlers, and Blue Worms. The Scientific name is Eisenia hortensis. This is a great composting  worm as well as a bait worm due to its larger size. Studies have shown that hortensis remains in good condition at room temperature for about three weeks longer than the common red worm, Esenia foetida, and the African Night Crawler. The European also is at least twice the size of the common red worm. Hortensis is also raised much the same way as the red worm, which makes it extremely easy to raise, and breed. Keep checking here for availability. Here you see our in ground windrows. They sell out quickly so order yours today!