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360 Worm Factory


WORM FACTORY 360 If you want to “Do Something Green for 2014” this is a great way to DO IT! This kit will reduce the organic waste you send to landfill now by hundreds of pounds, helping to limit the methane gas that landfills pump into the atmosphere. In addition you are left with the best natural soil additive known to man in the form of rich worm castings. Spread this fertilizer on your garden and watch your vegetables and flowers explode with flavour and colour. Say goodbye to harmful artificial chemicals and say hello to healthy, abundant home grown food. BE GOOD YOURSELF AND MOTHER NATURE AT THE SAME TIME. It’s a win- win situation for everyone!

Product Description

Four tray Worm Digs system. Tax free, shipping included.

The ultimate way to house your worms in comfort. For what it costs for just two fill-ups at the gas station, this top of the line,  attractive kit, provides all you need to start Vermi Composting today, including :

  •  1 pound ( 1000 ) of Red Wigglers
  • 4 stackable worm trays
  • instruction book and video
  • soil thermometer
  • bedding
  • * Want just the kit without the worms? Deduct $40

Available in black, green, or terracotta and delivered to your home within 5 business days.