Educational Services

I am a former school teacher of 31 years. I know how enthusiastic students can be when offered information they can use to help protect the environment for their future. I know too, how fast they learn when the task of learning is fun. The purpose of a teacher is to provide students with the information they need to begin a journey down the road of knowledge. No one knows all the answers to questions young people may have about where the world is heading or what the future holds for them, but when it comes to learning, I can help to make it interesting and enjoyable.


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My service involves visiting classrooms to present a fun, yet educational experience for you and your children about the benefits of worms and worm composting. I offer the opportunity to set up a worm composter in a classroom, cafeteria and/or staff room. I keep my message age appropriate, hands on and informative. “Worms in the Room”, gives the opportunity for young and old alike to:

  • experience how to care for other living organisms,
  • be introduced to species reproductive systems and
  • understand the interwoven relationships between animals, humans and nature.

To book a visitation to your school anywhere within the greater Peterborough or Kawartha Lakes district, just contact me at or by phone at 705-731-9750. Worms and starter kits are available at reasonable cost for those interested in pursuing this great hobby.